The pilots go for their second attempt in Q3 – KESKIN WHEELS

The pilots go for their second attempt in Q3

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The pilots go for their second attempt in Q3

The long straight from the finish line to the first corner allows you to slipstream for many meters and helps those behind the poleman. 09/26/2020

On at 15:19 CEST

Arnau montserrat


F1 GP Russia

Mercedes once again aims for a monopoly on the front row with a somewhat better Hamilton in the last practice sessions but with a Bottas that yesterday dominated all day. There will be a fight if Lewis wants.

From behind, the cars with a Renault engine seem to have a slight advantage over the rest of the grid. Carlos Sainz finished third this morning and wants to repeat what he already achieved in Austria or Monza just a few weeks ago. Red Bull does not finish carbureting and they are overtaken by the Renault and even the Racing Points. But with Verstappen anything is possible.

Don’t miss any detail of everything that happens on the Sochi track with



This is how the grid looks for tomorrow’s Russian Grand Prix. Watch out! It is at 1:10 p.m. and not the usual 3:10 p.m. A pleasure as always, greetings!

QUALIFYING CLASSIFICATION Max splits the Mercedes pair with a last-gasp effort to seize P2 # RussianGP &# 127479;&# 127482; # F1

– Formula 1 (@ F1) September 26, 2020


They are investigating Hamilton for rejoining the track without following the ‚zig-zag‘ that there is if you skip Turn 2. But his pole position number 96 does not seem in danger. Tomorrow he can match Michael Schumacher’s record of victories. 

BREAKING: @LewisHamilton takes pole at Sochi! The reigning world champion takes the 96th pole of his F1 career, ahead of Max Verstappen (P2) and Valtteri Bottas (P3) #RussianGP &# 127479;&# 127482; # F1

– Formula 1 (@ F1) September 26, 2020


Lewis Hamilton’s bestiality … and Max Verstappen’s bestiality that has sneaked between the two Mercedes. And be careful because LEwis will come out with a soft tire and Verstappen and Bottas with the medium. Max’s slipstream can be key.


Third Perez! But Verstappen is coming … SECOND! SECOND! Ahead of Bottas.


Sainz is coming … Sixth! Too bad … behind Verstappen, Ricciardo and Pérez.


POLE POSITION FOR LEWIS HAMILTON! On top of that, he beats his own best lap and the track record. 


Will it fail again when push comes to shove? His first sector is not better than Lewis’s … which has been improving.


Bottas has to clean almost 8 tenths with Hamilton … now the lap starts.


The pilots go out for their second attempt in Q3. There are 4 minutes to go. Hamilton is taking her for now …


Sainz has been overtaken by Ricciardo and Pérez and his time is sixth best. Ocon P7, Albon, Gasly and Norris close.


Hamilton tiempazo. First with seven tenths of difference with Bottas who has had to make a mistake. Wake up Verstappen at the moment of truth. It is placed third.


Q3 on the go! Bottas favorite to the ‚pole‘. We will see if Sainz manages to fight Ricciardo for third place.


The Vettel accident that has created chaos in Sochi. Leclerc almost ate it. Let’s go for Q3!

Leclerc was just inches away from colliding with his team mate &# 128561; #RussianGP &# 127479;&# 127482; # F1

– Formula 1 (@ F1) September 26, 2020



Eliminated: Leclerc, Kvyat, Stroll, Russell and Vettel. The two Ferraris out of Q3.


Quaaarto Hamilton! He saved the furniture … Sweating.

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Finn Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) beat his teammate and World Championship leader, Englishman Lewis Hamilton, with a best time of 1: 33.519 in the second free practice session of the Russian Grand Prix, in which Spaniard Carlos Sainz ( McLaren) was fourth fastest.

Sep 25, 2020 at 4:10 pm CEST



Lewis Hamilton F1 GP Russia Carlos Sainz Jr.

Bottas‘ best time was 2.67 tenths faster than his teammate in the brief duel that the two played in the middle of the session to rehearse the qualifying fastest laps on Saturday. Australian Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) was third to one second and Sainz was placed behind him, 1.2 seconds behind Bottas, after having been able to run little in the first session due to an accident.

Bottas scored his second practice session in this way – he already did it in the first one this morning with a better time of 1: 34.923 – which he dominated from the first ten minutes, when he improved the first time of the Englishman Lando Norris (McLaren) with a first time clock of 1: 36.065.

Just at that time, Carlos Sainz, who had barely been able to complete 8 laps with his McLaren in the first session due to an accident in which he broke the rear wing, came out on the track, but was able to have the car ready to make up for lost time.

Hamilton, who had spent the first session napping – he set the penultimate best time – took less than a quarter of an hour to get to the front of the table, improving by 1.1 seconds over his teammate.

The moment of truth came 20 minutes later, when Bottas and Hamilton put on the soft tire. The Finn posted a best lap of 1: 33.883, but Hamilton improved it by 97 thousandths. The Nordic counterattacked with a lap of 1: 33.519 in which he ended up going off the track right at the finish line, located after a 90 degree curve. It was the final

Behind them was Ricciardo and a surprising Carlos Sainz, followed by Norris, the Mexican Sergio Pérez (Racing Point), the Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull), the Monegasque Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), the French Esteban Ocon (Renault) and the German Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), the fastest ten in a session that ended with tests with greater fuel load, starts and other useful maneuvers for Sunday’s race.

– Time table of P2:

.1. Valtteri Bottas (FIN / Mercedes) 1: 33.519

.2. Lewis Hamilton (GBR / Mercedes) at 0.267

.3. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS / Renault) to 1,058

.4. Carlos Sainz (ESP / McLaren) at 1,204

.5. Lando Norris (GBR / McLaren) at 1,328

.6. Sergio Pérez (MEX / Racing Point) at 1,371

.7. Max Verstappen (HOL / Red Bull) at 1,529

.8. Charles Leclerc (MON / Ferrari) at 1,533

.9. Esteban Ocon (FRA / Renault) at 1,620

10. Sebastian Vettel (GER / Ferrari) to 1,664

11. Pierre Gasly (FRA / Alpha Tauri) at 1,691

12. Alexander Albon (TAI / Red Bull) to 1,723

13. Daniil Kvyat (RUS / Alpha Tauri) at 1942

14. Kimi Raikkonen (FIN / Alfa Romeo) to 1997

15. Nicholas Latifi (CAN / Williams) to 2,044

16. George Russell (GBR / Williams) at 2,056

17. Lance Stroll (CAN / Racing Point) at 2,108

18. Kevin Magnussen (DIN / Haas) at 2,210

19. Antonio Giovinazzi (ITA / Alfa Romeo) at 2,534

Formula 1 Russian GP: schedule, TV and where to watch live

Bottas leads a moved first training session with Sainz accident

20. Romain Grosjean (FRA / Haas) at 3,339.

Valtteri Bottas has spoiled Lewis Hamilton’s party and this afternoon in Sochi achieved his second victory of the season, the ninth of his sports career and has made the most of the problems that the Englishman has had, who could only be third. A brilliant Max Verstappen finished second in a race that ended in the first corner for Carlos Sainz, who crashed into the wall while negotiating the escape route slalom and caused the safety car to exit.

09/27/2020 at 2:59 PM CEST

Josep Viaplana @ F1viaplana


Lewis Hamilton F1 GP Russia Carlos Sainz Jr.

Hamilton will have to wait to match Michael Schumacher’s record for victories after holding out very well at the start after taking 96th pole position, but his options are gone when he has received a double penalty of 10 seconds (5 + 5) for practicing in twice the start on the grid formation lap.

The Russian GP, ​​which has been held since 2014, is territory paid to Mercedes, which has won the seven editions that have been held. Bottas, precisely, already achieved victory at this circuit in 2017, signifying his first victory in the F1 World Championship. The Finn had already won a race this season, the first to be held in Austria.

Bottas solidity

Valtteri Bottas tried to surprise Hamilton when the traffic lights went off at the start, catching the slipstream on a long 1 km straight, but it was not possible and he had to be patient to find another opportunity, which has come before him. than expected. The double sanction to the Englishman has allowed him to go on to lead the race when Lewis has stopped in the pits and has maintained at all times a rhythm that has allowed him to stay first when he has stopped on lap 27 of the 53 scheduled. With more speed than Verstappen, who has covered his back from afar, he had a fairly uneventful race at the end, even earning the extra point of the fastest lap on the penultimate lap.

Double penalty to Hamilton

The Englishman took a jug of cold water as soon as the race started, as he received a double penalty for having practiced the start during the round of grid formation. Hamilton, who started on soft tires and had to stop early, strategically disadvantaged to Bottas and Verstappen who led the media and had a long slipstream on the straight. The stewards have penalized him 10 seconds (5 + 5), which he had to comply with when he stopped in the pits to change tires, leaving him very exposed compared to his rivals. The Englishman stops on lap 17 and has returned to the track eleventh, behind Vettel. Everything was going against him: Stop before his rivals, a pitlane limited to 60 km / h and 10 „stop&go before changing tires.

Sainz accident at the start

Hamilton kept the lead at the start despite being seriously threatened by Bottas, who beat a runaway Verstappen.

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