Before reheating your pizza, make sure that it has been properly stored beforehand. – KESKIN WHEELS

Before reheating your pizza, make sure that it has been properly stored beforehand.

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Before reheating your pizza, make sure that it has been properly stored beforehand.

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Cooking tips and recipes: this is how noodles taste particularly delicious. (Photo: archive) If there is a dash of oil in pasta water, should you only add salt to the boiling water – and then must the pasta be quenched with cold water? The correct preparation of the Italian classics is a science in itself. No wonder that there are so many mistakes around spaghetti, tortellini and Co. So apply noodles that "al dente" be cooked as a slimming agent. And professional chefs claim that pasta even tastes good as dessert. What is true and what is wrong? We have collected the best tips and recipes from pasta professionals. Click your way through.

Better without oil? More professional tips for pasta fans

Quality check: durum wheat or egg noodles?

Farfalle, tagliatelle or spaghetti – true pasta fans love pasta in all shapes. Every German feasts on an average of over seven kilograms per year. But which noodles are really original Italian? Quite simply: the traditional Italian "Pasta secca" (dried noodles) is based on a mixture of durum wheat semolina and water. It can be kept for up to three years. The fresh version (pasta al’uovo) is made from soft wheat semolina and eggs, it should be free of preservatives and therefore only keep for a few days. The color of the noodles comes from spinach (green), tomatoes (red) or squid extract (black). High-quality pasta can be recognized by its uniform color and smooth surface.

Bite-proof slimming products

Colored, rolled or filled: Noodles are not only delicious, they are also ideal for fitness: they keep you full for a long time and the carbohydrates they contain ensure that the serotonin level rises. The result: After consuming it, you feel more balanced and happier. Nutritionists also only advise pasta "al dente" so to enjoy al dente. The reason: the firmer the pasta, the more time the stomach needs to digest it and the longer it will keep you full. Because pasta alone doesn’t make you fat, but the wrong sauce does. Figure-conscious people should use fat sparingly during preparation and avoid cream sauces or casseroles with cheese. Combine the pasta with egg whites to counteract muscle breakdown. Fresh vegetables, lean meat, fish and low-fat dairy products are also suitable ingredients for lean sauces.

Pasta recipes for connoisseurs Look for recipes

Moret / Berardinelli: Pasta de luxe – from Ducasse. (Photo: Matthaes Verlag / Thomas Duval)

Exceptional recipes

Whether you cook figure-conscious or just want to enjoy the Mediterranean: it doesn’t always have to be spaghetti with tomato sauce! Two real pasta connoisseurs show how versatile, colorful and exquisite the pasta can be prepared: the Italian chef Francesco Berardinelli and the French Christophe Moret, head chef in the famous 3-star Michelin restaurant "Plaza Athénée" in Paris put in their cookbook Pasta de Luxe – from Ducasse 160 colorful, delicious and self-developed recipes: classics such as lasagna are prepared here with new ingredients such as mortadella and aubergine, gnocchi served with ricotta pepper sauce and porcini mushrooms or black spaghetti served with Norway lobster and tomato and pepper jam.

Chocolate ravioli recipe

Chocolate ravioli © 2007 "Pasta de luxe" Matthaes Verlag / Thomas Duval.

Sweet, Asian, simply delicious

In addition, Moret thai wives and Berardinelli ensure variety in the noodle pot: The authors show that the Italian classics can also be perfectly combined with Asian delicacies, for example with canton-style tagliatelle or Fusilli Bucati with green chicken curry. And friends of sweet treats serve the pasta for dessert: how about creamy, crispy chocolate ravioli, a lasagna with strawberries or spaghettini caramelized in cocoa with mascarpone ice cream? Whether as a starter, main course or dessert – no pasta wishes remain unfulfilled. Best of all: most recipes are easy to cook and quick to prepare. Pasta beginners also receive tips on how to properly prepare the pasta.

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Moret / Berardinelli: "Pasta de luxe – from Ducasse"350 pages, boundISBN 978-3-87515-023-0Matthaes publishing housePrice € (D) 42.00

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As a precaution, the Mars food company is recalling a certain number of Uncle Ben’s branded Basmati rice servings. Consumers should compare their products with a list that has now been published.

A selected batch of Uncle Ben’s brand express basmati rice is being recalled from the market. The food company Mars announced that the recall of the 220-gram packs of the product was a precautionary measure, as glass had been found in individual portions.

Uncle Ben’s Express Natural Rice Basmati 220g (Source: MLSGroup Germany GmbH)

Consumers who have purchased the rice should use the best before date to compare it with the following list of products affected by the recall. You can find the list here at a glance:

EAN code: 5010034007499

November 7, 2020; 11/18/202008.12.202008.01.2021; 01/19/202102/02/2021; 02.02.202102.03.2021; 03/03/2021; 16.03.202103.05.2021; 05/24/2021; 05/25/202116/06/2021; 16.06.202119.07.2021

Consumers who have bought the product with the specified best-before date should not consume it and are asked to contact customer service on 04231 943280 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.) or by e-mail to kontakt @ def. contact

Callback to Lidl, Rewe, Aldi, Edeka: Metal parts in sauce from ready-made pizza dough From ground meat to fruit: germs – these foods can trigger diseases Germs and foreign bodies: alarming trend – more and more recallsSources used:"Mars Food": Mars Food is recalling a limited number of Uncle Ben’s® Express Natural Rice Basmati (220g) as a precaution

Sometimes it just has to be quick: Ready meals are the first choice. Frozen pizzas or sachet soups do not always taste aromatic. But they can be pimped up with a few variations.

Frozen pizzaPrepared saucesCouple soupsPasta from the refrigerated shelfFrozen vegetablesPackaged salads from the bagFine saladsDelicious rice or semolina porridgeMuesli mixes and desserts

Frozen pizza

It is best to use Pizza Margherita and top the frozen pizza with fresh ingredients yourself. It can be varied by adding thinly sliced, fresh vegetables before baking. Pickled artichokes or olives are also good options, as are frozen herbs. Finally, you can rub parmesan over your pizza.

A great alternative to frozen pizza is ready-made pizza dough from the refrigerated shelf, which you can add fresh ingredients to as you wish.

Ready-made sauces

Ready-made tomato-based sauces can be mixed with chopped tomatoes (either fresh or canned) and seasoned with herbs.

Bag soups

Bag and canned soups get more flavor if you cook suitable frozen vegetables or season the soup with frozen herbs and fresh cress. You can of course also add fresh vegetables and cook them at the same time.

Pasta from the cooling shelf

Why not combine finished products with homemade ones? For example, serve with tortellini or gnocchi from the cooling shelf, chopped tomatoes, sautéed briefly in olive oil and seasoned with fresh spices. A quick sauce made from ricotta, seasoned with salt and pepper and sprinkled with pine nuts is also delicious. 

Frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables: These can be used to refine some dishes. (Source: Getty Images)

Basically, the fewer additives there are in the dishes, the better. It is therefore better to use frozen vegetables, for example, than a seasoned vegetable preparation that contains cream or fat. It doesn’t take much longer to season the vegetables yourself, but you can decide for yourself about the fat content, salt content and taste. A wide variety of vegetable pans can be prepared in no time without unnecessary additives.

Ready-made salads from the bag

Salads from the refrigerated counter become a quick, tasty main course with a homemade salad dressing and additions such as nuts, fish, olives or cheese cubes.

Deli salads

Delicatessen salads from the refrigerated shelves are also good for freshness: Serve with chopped ice cream salad with crab salad, spring onion rings go well with potato salad, and a chicken salad tastes great with chopped mandarins.

Rice pudding or semolina porridge

Frozen fruit: A tasty alternative to fresh fruit. (Source: MarianVejcik / Getty Images)

Cooking in an emergency: these dishes are suitable in times of crisis Healthy Eating: E-Trick Unmasked Unhealthy Ready Meals Frozen pizza and chocolate: why ready meals make you fat

You can mix rice pudding or semolina from the bag with unsweetened, fresh fruit.

Muesli mix and desserts

You can mix ready-made muesli with oatmeal or nuts. The mixture can be refined with fresh fruit before eating. And fruit yoghurts or ready-made desserts can also be pepped up with fresh or frozen fruit.

Sources used: own research news agency dpa

Sure, a fresh pizza that comes out steaming from the stone oven is hard to beat. Many also like to eat them cold. However, if you want to warm up pizza, you often use the microwave or oven – but the result is rather poor. We’ll show you how a heated pizza works and tastes really delicious.

The cold pizza from the night before is left and you would like to warm it up? The problem: it becomes limp and limp in the microwave – crispy is different. The result from the oven is usually no better: the pizza is dry instead of juicy.

Step one: proper storage

Before reheating your pizza, make sure that it has been properly stored beforehand. Immediately put the leftovers in the refrigerator, ideally in an airtight container lined with a kitchen roll, such as a lunch box or Tupperware box, or on a plate covered with cling film. They stay there for at least two to three days. You should dispose of pizza boxes immediately, as these are not suitable for storage, as the cardboard absorbs the moisture from the sauce and topping, thereby softening the pizza.

Step two: Proper heating – in the pan

When reheating the pizza, some may put a heat-resistant container in the oven or microwave for a crispier result.

However, the pizza is particularly well warmed up in the pan. This method is quick and easy. All you need is a frying pan, if available a cast iron one, and some aluminum foil.

Heat the pan without adding any oil. Once the pan is hot, place the leftover pizza in it, then cover the pizza (not the entire pan) completely with a layer of aluminum foil, like a kind of roof. Set a lower temperature and wait a few minutes for the cheese to melt and / or bubble. Instead of the aluminum foil, you can also cover the pan with a lid so that the cheese melts while the base is baked golden yellow. The crust should be crispy, but not burned. After a few minutes, the pizza should be ready. Space-saving: mini ovens in comparison: which one is best Tips and recipes: Parmesan – everything about a classic from Italy Hearty and sweet variations: make delicious gnocchi yourself Salt and Fat: Are Vegetarian Products Always Healthier?

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